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Robert D. Lupton

“It offers no simple formulas. Rather, it is an invitation to journey alongside one inquisitive and courageous pioneer who is learning valuable insights as he travels.”

Leroy Barber

“Nate Ledbetter is a leader for our times… The lessons here will help you see and know your neighbors in a whole new perspective.”

Revd Dr Graham Tomlin

“Nate Ledbetter is someone who lives and breathes this calling and who has thought deeply about it in the context of real, urban communities.”

Cynthia M. Peterson

“I have worked and lived in the Austin neighborhood for over 30 years and I must say, Thriving City Blocks is precisely the spiritual road map we need for the revitalization of our blocks and community.”

Rudy Carrasco

“I recommend it for your soul and for your faith walk.”

Steve Carter

“Thriving City Blocks invites you into a life and posture that allows you to see God’s love in radically new ways…”

Stephen A. Hayner

“Thriving City Blocks is a compelling and practical book that provides traction—and one that I’m glad Nate Ledbetter wrote for all of us who want our commitment to Christ to leave a mark on the world.”

Ruth Bell Olsson

“If I were tempted to highlight the profound nuggets in this book, the entire volume would be neon.”

Jason Garcia

“Every social worker, public servant, business owner, pastor and church planter needs to read this!”

Danny Wuerffel

“Nate Ledbetter didn’t just write this, he lives it, and he lives it as well as anyone I’ve ever known.”

Jonathan Brooks

“Anyone who desires to love their neighborhood well, has a passion for community transformation, and dares to dream dangerously needs to have this journal in their library.”